Arch Linux Install Update

Published on August 16, 2022 at 7:29 pm by LEW


In August of 2022 I built a new Arch Linux system, and found my install instructions from February of 2022 to be busted. To be fair, there were a few things about the original install I was not totally satisfied with. So this post is to announce a complete rewrite of the instructions.

I was building a new server box, for an upcoming post about networking in Arch Linux, when I found some issues with the instructions. Incidentally they had worked in July with no problem, I could not find anything about the current problem on the Arch Linux home page, but I did find some older posts about the issue.

Specifics Issue

What I found was that timedatectl no longer worked form the chroot environment. From some older information I found, this has been an issue off and on with Arch Linux for awhile. I swear that it was working in the chroot environment two weeks ago.

What is interesting is that systemctl works without issue. If I understand correctly, systemctl is command function while timedatectl accesses the timedated daemon, which is currently not running for chroot on Arch installs.

If anyone has some insight into systemd and whats going on, I would appreciate dropping me a line

Rewrite Links


This has been a notice of updates to previous posts. Short and Sweet.

Please take the time to review the changes, and send comments.


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