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Published on June 7, 2022 at 4:55 pm by LEW


If you have followed this series of posts, you should have leveled up. So It is time to venture out a little further afield.

From the last post you should have Dog Meat as a companion. You should also have two settlements (Sanctuary and the Red Rocket). You should be around level four to six. You should also have a variety of weapons and armor available to you at this point.

Choose Your Path

You have a couple of choices here as to how to proceed. You can do some work on one or both of your settlements (make sure to be well rested when working on them). You can proceed to Concord, and follow the story line (part of the Minute Men arc). Or you explore a little more of the local area to gain experience, and more stuff.

I am going to assume you are forgoing the story line for awhile, and you can build in your settlements at any time. So lets talk about further exploration.

Note the map is roughly divided into sectors. North West is Sector 1 and suitable for early game low level characters. If you move to far East and/or South, things become much more difficult.

From our last posts, we already know about the Red Rocket Truck Stop, Robot Disposal Ground, Sanctuary, and Vault 111.

You can find lots of immersive details, back stories, and other  information in some of these locations we will be visiting. Almost none of it is overly relevant to the main story line, but it is interesting to examine. I am not listing any of this here, as that would make this post fairly long. But if so inclined, feel free to examine how the world fared after the bombs.

Note: Spoiler Alert.

Going South

Heading South, there are a several locations, still within Sector 1, to discover. Note that once you pass Walden Pond you are basically in Sector 4, and things will be more difficult. These places are below.

Going East

Note that once you pass Tenpines bluff you are entering Sector 2.

Going South East

Note once you pass Starlight Drive in you are entering Sector 5.


Once you have visited all the sector one locations, you should be approaching level 10. You should have a wide array of weapons and armor to chose from.

In this play through, I have not yet gone to Concord or the Museum of Freedom. I am going to wait until I am much higher level before engaging in the Minute Man story arc.

Tebnpines and Abernathy farm have people, so visit them from time to time to pick up possible settlement radiant quests.

In the next installment I will discuss settlement building and management.

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