Low End Hardware Fallout 4 Companions

Published on May 16, 2022 at 9:49 pm by LEW


Moving forward from the leveling up discussion in this post, it is time to get a companion. After that an exploration of the local area will yield some interesting items.

Most likely you will gain another level exploring the local area. But before heading out, you will want to check your inventory and see if there is any items that you can make some upgraded mods for. You should also roast some of the meat from the various insect kills to make sure you have food to replenish your health. Once you are properly supplied (don’t forget to bring the correct type of ammo for your guns), it is time to head out.

Red Rocket Service Station and Dog Meat

The first place I am going to head is the Red Rocket station just across the bridge. But before leaving Sanctuary, check the mail box by the bridge, if you have not looted it yet. It should yield a couple of frag grenades.

Crossing the bridge you will find an expired drifters body along with a wasteland mongrel body. Loot them for some more stuff and maybe some armor or clothing.

Now look to your left, you should see a stature. Get up to the statue, and there should be a duffel bag at its base, with some more loot.

As you approach the Red Rocket, you should be approached by a German Shepard. Make friends with Dog Meat, and it will become your companion. Interesting thing about Dog Meat, for the Lone Wander perk, he does not count as a companion. You can also dress up Dog Meat with several clothing items. Dog Meat can also carry a fair amount of stuff for you also.

To trade with Dog Meat, select him and chose trade. This works in the same manner as the workbench. If there is a T option at the bottom of the screen an item can be equipped.

If you stay at the Red Rocket, you will eventually be attacked by mole rats. They tunnel underground and then spring up to attack. This is a good time to test out the Vault-tech Assisted Targeting System (VATS). You should find the VATS key. On a computer it is the Q key. Time will slow down and the enemy you are looking at will be highlighted with percentage hit chances. Hover your cursor over one of the displayed percentages and , on a computer, hit the tab key. It should be marked in red after that. Then, on a computer, hit the E key. Your shot will be automatic and some action points will be consumed. You can keep using VATS until you are out of action points. After that, you need to wait for them to recharge. Note Action points come from agility.

Go ahead and finish off the Mole rats. Then go over to the workbench in the garage of the Red Rocket and select it. You should now have two settlements, Sanctuary and the Red Rocket.

Start Exploring (spoilers)

There is a cave behind the Red Rocket with some more Mole Rats to fight, and some more loot, including a fusion core. To get the Fusion Core you will need to take some radiation. Radiation reduces your Health and can be cured with Rad-Away. You can also reduce the effects of radiation with Rad-X.

Fast Traveling

Now hit tab to bring up your pipboy and go to the map. There should be icons for all the places you have visited so far. Select the ico9n for vault 111, and chose to fast travel there.

There is a glitch with Dog Meat you can use to get the Cryolator, but I will not be covering that in this series.

Instead head west a short distance past the vault, then go up a hill to find a Rail Road observation point, and some loot.

Now head north. Eventually you should come across a shed with a novice lock. Pick it and collect some more loot.

From here head a little further North, then East. You should com across a drifters shake against a rock face. The drifter was killed by a raider with an attack dog. Take them out, loot them and loot the shake.

Continue heading East, and you will come across a drifter doing some target practice. If you approach, the drifter will turn hostile. If so, you will have to take out the drifter. There is some minor loot in the area.

Continue heading East, and the Robotic Disposal should show up on your HUD. Head for it, and look around. You should be able to find a fusion Core,  Mini Nuke and a Fatman Launcher. Also you should be able to find a Hot Road magazine. I would recommend waiting  until a little latter in the game before using the control tape for the sentry bot, as it is a little flaky.

Now go east and a little south, until you see a downed Vertibird, and a partial suit of T45 Power Armor. Claim the Power Armor. Look around for some other loot also.

Next fast travel back to Sanctuary and unload your loot. Don’t forget to level up if you can and check for new mods.

Next we will cross the bridge leading into Sanctuary and head north along the shore line. You will run into a few animal encounters here. Continue past the dock until you find a pump in the water. Turn off the circuit breaker. Follow the pipe inland. You will find a machine with some caps and loot and a body with a  .44 pistol with some ammo. Watch out for mole rats here. Also there is a raider camp slightly north.

After dealing with the raiders, head back to Sanctuary. It is time to take stock.


We have stayed relatively close to Sanctuary, leveled up, and acquired some pretty good equipment. We have a partial suit of T45 power armor, several fusion cores, a Fatman with one mini nuke, and a .44 pistol. We should have also picked up some body armor, some pipe weapons, and some building supplies.

Not a bad start. Next time I will venture a little further afield, hitting some of the marked sights on the map.


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