Tagaytay Network Part 5: Network Needs

Published on November 2, 2023 at 10:31 am by LEW


In this post I will be taking a look at what is and is not working in my current network setup. Some of this will simply be thoughts about reconfiguration. Other items are actual problems that need to be addressed.

Just a reminder that I am not yet on site, so this will be mostly speculative in nature. Once I have a chance to actually inspect and review the network, I will be in a better position to plan the project and move forward.

WIFI Issues

There is an issue with the WiFi in the extension. Specifically that while it is present, one cannot connect to the internet from there. There Are a few possible reasons for this. Some of them easier to deal with than others.

Obviously I am hoping problem can be resolved by reprogramming the WAP. But we shall see once I have access to the Local Area network (LAN).

Updating First Floor WiFi Coverage

I have another WAP setup in the store room. However, that puts it behind cement walls, so its reach is severely limited.

Since I have an Ethernet jack in the family room, I am thinking to setup a router there, as a WAP. Since the router has a built in switch, this will allow me to direct connect multiple items in the family room.

Also because of the open architecture this should improve WiFi in the kitchen, dinning room, and living room.

Media Server

Before reconnecting the media server, I want to think about rebuilding. I am currently using Kodi. But I am thinking of switching to Plex because of then ability to connect through my Internet Service Providers (ISP) CGNAT, using the Plex servers available to a paid account.

I do like the Kodi interface better, as it is much more configurable. This decision may depend on how successful I am with some tests I want to run for bypassing CGNAT.

Bypassing CGNAT

I have been researching various methods of getting around CGNAT, that I want to test out on my LAN. These generally involve a tunnel that is started and maintained from a computer on my LAN to a server out on the internet.

I have four or five options that I want to try out. Several of these I have tested using a Virtual setup on my laptop. I have validated the concepts in a test environment, so I want to see how they work in the real world.

I will decide which methods I want to use once I get local access again.

Other Servers


Between network repair/upgrade work, and various other server projects, I should have enough to keep me busy for some time. And I will be doing my best to documenting most of this stuff. I have not decided if I will do videos or just posts. We will see how that goes.

In addition I have a few other projects, of a non technical nature, planed.  I recently had a killer fermented mango pepper sauce. Since both mangoes and peppers are readily available, one project I want to try is producing a similar type sauce.



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