Tagaytay Network Part 2: Current Setup

Published on October 23, 2023 at 10:25 am by LEW

Router Introduction

Having looked at the original network setup in the last post, lets turn our attention to what is currently in place. The current setup is somewhat more complex than the earlier version and addresses some of the original issues.

I have purposely not delved into the actual network details and settings, as this is a single segment network, and it works as long as everything has different local IP addresses. However , since this was built up a piece at a time, and there was little in the way of real planning. Because of this some configuration and settings are not set up in the most practical, optimal, or logical manner. So one of my future project goals needs to be getting things more organized.

I would also like to add a local DNS caching server, and some method of tunneling though CGNAT so I can access and maintain local resources and servers while away. I am also thinking about setting up a separate segment for use as a network lab environment.

In this post, however, I want to focus on the changes and updates to the house and local network that have occurred.

Architectural Changes

The big change to the house was the addition of an extension off the back of the house. This included the following.

My first floor work room/office was taken over as a pantry/store room, so I had to clean up the networking and CCTV stuff.

The sitting room on the second floor has become the office. It is not as private, and lacks the built in cabinetry of the now store room. However it is considerably cooler, and has a much better view. On a clear day I can see Downtown Manila and Manila bay.

A green house was added to the side, but this has no real effect on the network.

Network Changes

Wired network coverage was expanded as follows.

Additional Equipment

Office Area equipment/configuration

This replaced the Cellular modem (which I am keeping around for backup). Three of the four router LAN ports are connected to the following.

Store Room equipment/configuration

Since the store room was originally my workroom, all cables terminate there. An 8 port Switch is the center of the house network, It is connected as follows.

Extension equipment/configuration

A wireless repeater configured as a WAP, and connected back to the switch is located in the lanai and provides coverage for the extension

Family  Room equipment/configuration

One of the two ARLO base stations connects here back to the switch, connecting to the first floor interior cameras.

Master bedroom equipment/configuration

Current Configuration


A summary of the current setup: In the current configuration there are two WAPS (Wireless Access Points) on both the first and second floor, blanketing the house with decent WiFi coverage. The two WAPS on the second floor provide adequate coverage to the Attic Dormitory.

Having an ARLO base stations on both the first and second floor has improved camera connectivity and performance. With a single base station there was no central point that would get a good signal to all cameras.

The fiber line from the ISP provides good speed and band width. However, like the cellular modem before I am still behind CGNAT.

Moving Forward: I have a variety of things I want to accomplish with this project.

Looking at the list, I could subdivide the tasks into multiple smaller projects, or make them sub projects of a larger central project. But for the moment I will keep them all together as I gather information. Once I get back to the house I will be able to inventory everything I there, then start developing tasks. At that point I can figure out how I want to group things.

Next time around I want to look at network planning, layout, and documentation.

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