According to the Third Law, Commentators are Mostly Bandits/Stupid

Published on September 4, 2023 at 9:40 am by LEW

Recently I finished a road trip across the U.S. Long hours on the road give one a chance to listen to all sorts of commentary. What is really interesting, long road trips give one the time to think about what one heard, and wonder. And the end of the day was fun fact checking the commentators.

From the very nature of the title “commentator”, I expected half truths, sound bites taken out of context, and outright distortions. Needless to say, regardless of affiliation, I was not disappointed.

What I do find disappointing is the various sources advertising themselves as news are also guilty of the same behavior. Not that I really expected any difference. They can’t just report the news, without trying to slant things to a particular agenda, belief, or point of view. What it basically comes down to is there are no real news sources anymore. Everyone has an ax to grind or an agenda to push.

What is sad is that most people will not take the time to validate the news. I can sort of understand this because validating the news might undercut their world view built upon years of commentary being reported as news.

Using Professor Cipolla’s Golden Law of Stupidity, I have been doing a mental exercise to determine if those offering opinion are bandits or stupid. My conclusion is that the majority of commentators, from across all spectrum’s, are bandits, with a minority being stupid (I am referencing Cipolla’s second law of human stupidity here). The number of people who believe and follow them reinforces Cipolla’s first law of human stupidity.

I am going to switch gears here. One of the thoughts that occurred to me from the above is rather depressing. In the search for intelligent life out there in the universe, maybe the reason we have not found any is the possibility that intelligent life would be a little to much like ourselves. That is to say they underestimated the number of stupid beings, and their destructive nature (Cipolla’s first, fourth, and fifth laws of human stupidity). In short, if they are anything like us, they are probably doomed from the start.

The only way the human race survives is if we get very lucky. Our downfall will have nothing to do with any of the current buzz words. It will be from human stupidity, as predicted in Cipolla’s fifth law. From where I sit the numbers of bandits, helpless, and stupid people far outnumber the number of intelligent people. And if you think you are in the intelligent sector, reread Cipoll’s second law. As an example most modern academics are highly intelligent people, and fall squarely into the bandit/stupid categories.

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