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Published on February 14, 2023 at 8:19 am by LEW


Anyone who has played Fallout 4 for any length of time has found a few things that just bug them. In my case I have fixed several of my most annoying issues with a few go to mods form Nexus Mods.Fallout 4 is a great open world game, in spite of the negative reviews it sometimes receives. Interestingly, you can spend hours immersed in the game and never advance the n[main quest line. In one play through I m,managed to make level 50 without doing any of the main quest story arcs.

Needles to say, after spending a large number of hours , I fond there are some things that were interesting at the start, but just annoy me now. Fortunately Fallout 4 has a great modding community, and many annoyances can be easily fixed with a mod.

I should note that playing with mods disables achievements. However, already having most of them, for me it was not a big deal. It all depends on how much value you place in the achievement system.

Anyway, on to m y Must Have Mod List.

Unofficial Fallout 4 patch

Why this has not been rolled into the main game, I do not know. It fixes a large number of minor problems that Bethesda probably never will fix. For a list of fixes and version history, go here.

Easy Lock Picking

After 1000 Locks picked, it can get boring after awhile, and you just want to get past it. That is where this mod come in. Please note this does not remove then perk requirements forย  harder locks. All it does is keep you from fiddling around looking for the sweet spot.

Easy Hacking

Similar to Easy Lock Picking, this mod makes terminals easy to open. Like the previous od, this one also does not remove the perk level requirements.

Faster terminal Displays (x100)

The default terminal can take a bit of time to display text. This mod changes the default speed at which the terminal display updates. I always use the x100 version.

Keep Commonwealth Radian Quests within the Commonwealth

I generally have this problem with Brotherhood of Steel early radiant quests. They are given a DLC (Down Loadable Content) location sometimes when the DLC is installed. Never mind that you have not been there yet, and are likely not high enough level to do very well in the DLC. This mod forces all radiant quests to be within then Commonwealth. I usually disable it after I have discovered the DLC location.


There you have it, a list of my must have mods to make your adventures in the Fallout 4 Commonwealth just a little easier and more relaxing.

Next time I will discuss some of my favorite new companion mods.

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