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Published on December 6, 2022 at 5:11 pm by LEW


For the purposes of this category, I am defining Dogma as a set of principles, that are supported in some ways by questionable tenants or proofs,  and declared by authoritarians as absolute truth.

We all have our own personal dogma. Things we tell ourselves are true without honestly examining the evidence one way or the other. It is something called faith, and it does not reside with in the bodies of religious institutions alone, but permeates the halls of academia, government, and most aspects of our daily lives.

I would also note that I am not referring to those who  espouse beliefs for which they have no convection, aka those attempting to conn you.  They site dogma without any faith, in the hope of either benefiting themselves or tearing you down (see Carlo Cipolla Basic Laws of Human Stupidity referencing bandits and stupid people).


I have been feeling a certain desire compulsion to create this topic. But in doing so, I need to be aware of my own dogma, or beliefs. Meaningful discussion can only occur when we are willing to test our own personal dogma. We must be willing to examine where our beliefs come from and why we hold to them.

But in so doing we must also realize that some beliefs are strictly a matter of faith. In discussing dogma, we must refrain from personal attacks, a sure sign of that a person knows they are arguing from a weak position, or they have not done due diligence in reviewing their personal dogma, or they are out to either hurt someone or garner benefits for themselves (stupid people and bandits).

It is also important to understand that some dogma is based on faith alone. We must always be respectful of others dogma, and always understand that in many cases, it is what it is and will not change.

Rules of Engagement

Responses should remain on topic. For example my next post will be about specific Biblical content. The discussion centers around said content, and not around the legitimacy of the Bible or of God.

Also arguments based on fallacy’s, personal attacks, and general off topic discussion will not be approved for posting.


This has been a short introductory message for this category of topics. I have the feeling that I will be revisiting this post in the future to update it, as I will k=not know if it is adequate until a few more posts are added.







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