Remote Monitoring with Cockpit in Debian 11 Update

Published on October 28, 2022 at 6:08 pm by LEW


In a previous post (this post), I evaluated the Cockpit application as a remote monitoring tool for web servers. During my testing I did note a couple of non fatal issues I experienced while using this program.

Can’t let it go with such a potentially useful application, so I  have continued to dig and test, and finally resolve my issues.

Non Existent Directory Call

Originally cockpit was making a call to a non existent directory, specifically the following.


This issue seems to have been resolved in the latest package update. On a clean install, Cockpit no lounger makes that directory call on two separate systems. Thumbs up for the maintainers of the application and the package!

Monitoring System Performance over Time

This one took a little more time to figure out. Basically if you load cockpit and cockpit-pcp, and expect to be keeping records of system performance, you need an archive utility that is not a dependency. This generated a non fatal error about pmdaily_logger.

After digging around in the code for a bit, I determined that the correct archive Debian 11 package to install is xz-utils. Once I installed this package, the issue went away.


I have now had cockpit running on two of my home servers (Samba, and LAMP) for about a week now with no issues.

At this point I can give Cockpit a thumbs up recommendation with no caveats.


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