US Election 2022 Mid Terms

Published on October 18, 2022 at 6:25 pm by LEW

I don’t do to many rants, but I feel the need as i watch the United States 2022 mid term elections. In the last coupe of months I have been looking into a lot of history. Real history, not the watered down politically correct version that gets propagated. If you buy into the big lies, or are overly sensitive, then it is strongly suggest you do not read any further to avoid being offended. Because I am going to call it like I see it.

My first point, Democrat and Republican politicians are just different sides of the same coin, and that coin is counterfeit. But there are easy ways to fix this. The first is vote the incumbents out of office. No one should be spending more than ten years  at any one level of Government. From what I have read, the founders did not intend politics to be a full time job. This segue into my second point nicely.

My second point, originally elected representatives were not paid by the federal government when the constitution was ratified in 1787. Of course one of the first things congress did was vote themselves pay in 1789. Since we have an internal revenue service now, I suggest, using social security payouts as a base line,  any politicians monetary gains beyond the base line from any source be taxed at 100% with no deductions. They can be like the gentleman politicians of a bygone era and work for altruist motivations rather than monetary. Of course this includes any compensation that can be remotely suggested related to their term of office. For example; speeches for money and and insider trading related to things they worked on in office. This should also follow them around the rest of their lives. While you are in office and once you are out of office, get out of politics for money and power!

My third point, liability laws for published media should be rewritten. It should be easy to successfully sue anyone claiming to be a news outlet when there is even a hint that they lie either directly or through omission. And yes I am including all news media on both sides of the political spectrum. In theory we should have a free press. Burt when the news is bought and paid for to tell a specific narrative or story, the press is no longer free. And in the US we have moved form a free and open press to banana republic news reporting.

Which brings me to my final point, and this one is really depressing, and of which nothing can be done about. And that is stupid people (this is where you are probably getting offended, especially if you fit into that category). I have talked about Carlo M. Cipolla’s thesis on stupidity before (you an read it here). And it has been borne to fruition in the last several years. People either want to believe the lie, or are to lazy to do their own research, or they vote against a person without really examining the other side. I am convinced that the Biden win in 2020 was a anti Trump victory, not a Biden victory.

Currently living outside the US, I can’t muster much in the way of sympathy for their plight. I am a firm believer in people getting what they voted for, they deserve it. But then again if you listen the big lie propagated by the media, there is no inflation, gas prices are not reaching record highs, there is no border crises, and crime is not seeing double digit increases across the country. And the biggest issue facing the American people is the January 6 committee?

But back to Cipolla’s laws of human stupidity, I consider all politicians to fall into the Stupid or Bandit categories of the third law. Either they are totally ignorant, and do not want to be educated (stupid) or they are doing good for themselves at your expense and just don’t care (bandit).

And of course when it comes to the electorate, the first law applies, there are always more stupid people than you thought.

Anyway, I will look on with interest at the 2022 mid term elections. I don’t expect to see a sudden self actualization among the American people as they vote in the same old corrupt politicians. Nor do I expect them to actually look at what politicians have and have not done for them. In short I expect the same old thing.

My dad once told me that the only people that should be in positions of power are those that do not want it.

End rant.

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