One Year Aniversery

Published on September 29, 2022 at 6:39 pm by LEW

Wow, this site has been up for a year now. So far it has been great fun writing and publishing stuff I am interested in. And to top it off I have had multiple interactions with new people who are interested in some of the things I am interested in. I felt the need to write this off the cuff so to speak.

Considering I do not do a lot in the way of advertising, I feel the response I have received is pretty good. Not a lot of comments, but I have had quite a number of people email me, and even a few donate to the site (I added the link but was not really expecting anything).

Since I am doing this as a retirement project for my own personal gratification, with no real interest in commercializing, I can safely ignore all the SEO hit building hype that some of the plugins I use keep pushing.

I am satisfied with the results. And it does encourage me to keep this site going for the another year. The only real headaches have been the spammers. One has to constantly filter and protect against their stuff.

Since this is the one year Anniversary, I just wanted to publish a thank you to all who have commented, emailed, and supported my efforts on this site. So far I have managed to read every legitimate correspondence and respond to it. I hope to continue doing this, as I don’t expert to get overwhelmed  at this point (except by the spam bots that is).

So thank you to everyone who has contributed in some why I really appreciate it.


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