Lead Developer Leaves Latte-Dock Project

Published on August 11, 2022 at 6:39 pm by LEW


The lead developer for Latte-Dock has posted a notice to the community stating that he is stepping away from the project (read post here) last July 25.

The Impact

Basically, unless someone picks up the project, release 0.11 will be the last version of Latte Dock. Latte-Dock was designed for use with KDE, and with the current KDE development trends , it is likely that the current version will start experiencing problems and  issues in the near future.

The effects will be less apparent in Linux Distributions that are designed for stability (like Debian), as the software usually lags by  several versions. Distributions like Arch, using bleeding edge versions, will be the first to experience issues.


I have used Latte-Dock on my Arch  KDE install for a while now, and if no one takes over the project I will be sad to see the project end.

However, having said that, I am currently testing out Cario-Dock as a replacement. Overall I have found that the version in the Arch repository has some issues with Wayland, but seems to run well under XORG. I have also experienced some freeze ups with some of the available plug-ins. After I have finished my testing, I will post my results.

My Thoughts

It has been many many years since I did any software development. I figured out early on any major project was not for me. I have cobbled together some minor programs, and shell scripts. I have also hacked existing code to correct problems I encountered. However, it is not in my personality to sit down and code for days, weeks, months, years on end. My preferences tend towards the hardware side of things.

But, from the coding projects I have worked on I can certainly understand the burnout. This can be especially prevalent in the open source community, where it seems projects never end.

Interactions with the User community can be a great and lifting experience, however there are always those certain ungrateful people that will just grate on your nerves (we all know these type of people), which can be a real emotional downer.

Then there is ones personal life, which some projects try to consume in its entirety.  You should never surrender that. And there are only so many hours in a day.

And finely there is having to make a living. I have, in the past found it hard to maintain interest and drive on pro bono projects, when I had to actually make a living and provide for my family. That can get old fast too.


I wish the lead developer the best on any new endeavors. And I do hope someone has the time and interest to pick up the Latte-Dock project.

I use the term lead developer, but I would guess main developer is probably a better term.


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