Its Been a Gray Weather Week

Published on July 17, 2022 at 5:51 pm by LEW

Gray weather is an apt phrase for the last week. As life was like gray weather where inspiration and desire, and even will tend to be very elusive.

Gray weather is not stormy, and not fair. And though you may want to place it there, it is not really accurate to say it is in between the two. Cloudy days are the proverbial middle. But gray weather is something else. You can feel the heaviness in the air, dampening happiness and joy to a uncomfortable degree. It is more than the weather, it is a state of being.

Last week I became ill. While not a thing to be embraced in the best of circumstances, we are still riding the covid pandemic waves (yes, way to many people are still overly influenced by it). While I am not one of them, people I know and care about are. Luckily it only took two home covid tests to put that beast to bed. It turned out to be bacterial in nature, and antibiotics cleared it up fairly quickly. I have concluded that if I had not done two covid tests I would have started the antibiotics at least a day earlier if not a day and a half.

To pile on to my depressed spirits last week, I received additional news that an old friend passed away due to a heart attack. Unfortunately, this is no longer a rare event for me. It seems to be happening once or twice a month. Some are older,now days a lot more are younger. Understanding that this is one of effects of getting older does not make it easier to deal with, especially with the younger ones. I have never enjoyed funerals, I guess I do not like being reminded about my mortality.

It is not that I am overly concerned with dying. I have had a full life, traveled a lot, married, had children, grand children, retired twice, and now I ma living in a tropical paradise. So no complaints when it comes my time to go. I just don’t want to talk about it, or be reminded of it.

Speaking of talking about things, this short lay off has messed up my train of thoughts on several posts I was planning to write. But not to worry, I have a couple of subjects to cover while I regroup. Specifically I want to address an unusual sound problem I experienced with Arch Linux that I feel a lot of other people might be frustrated by. And I want to do a review of my recent experiences with Fedora Linux (spoiler alert, Fedora will probably never be my main driver).

So until next post…

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