June – Catching Up

Published on June 15, 2022 at 7:26 pm by LEW

I have been slacking lately, as it is the summer months and there are several road trips planned. In fact I just returned form one to Northern Luzon. While out and about I had a couple of thoughts come to mind for a few projects.

First, since I am currently behind CGNAT (don’t really have a public IP address I can easily reach), I have found the cheapest solution, instead of running a home server, is to setup a Next Cloud instance on a shared hosting site. So I will be documenting those efforts over the next several days. So expect to see something posted on that project by end of week.

Second, I have decided to expand storage on the NUC 8 I am currently using as my main computer, and dual boot Windows 10 and Arch KDE. This will give me the chance to play around with gaming under KDE while Windows 10 is still viable for a gaming OS. If this works out, I will be sticking with Linux and not be migrating to Windows 11 (Thank you Microsoft for such an intrusive operating system). Also I have used Debian pretty much exclusively over the past several years, and I wanted to really give Arch a good test drive. So expect something on that project in the next couple of weeks.

That’s about it for the moment. Just wanted to post an update on whats going on. With all the current planned travel, my posting rate may fall off a bit.

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