Review: Very Useful Work Light

Published on March 2, 2022 at 6:11 pm by LEW


In this post I will be talking about then Michelin 1000 Rechargeable LED Work Light. I have absolutely no relationship with the company that makes this product. This is strictly my experience using this useful product.

There are lots of good work lights out there. This happens to be the one I am currently using. I acquired this one sort of as an afterthought because I had some reward points to spend from my last job. In hindsight it was a good purchase, as this light has been extremely useful over the past week.

  Michelin Work Light Back  Michelin Work Light Back


The front part of this device houses a twenty four LED array that can produce white light that is variable between 50 and 1000 lumens. I have used the light on full brightness for about an hour, poking around inside cabinets. The specifications says two hours on full brightness, and forty hours on low. From my usage so far, I find the numbers credible.

On one side a USB charring cable is mounted. It would have been nice if a charger had been included. However the USB cable can be plugged into any USB source to recharge the internal batteries (4400 mAh).

The top of the unit is equipped with a strap that has a short range of adjustment.

The back of the unit has a red hazard light at the top (60 lumens) that can operate in solid, flashing, and pulsed modes.

There are two buttons located at the bottom rear of the case that control the light functions. One button turns on the front light and can also be used to adjust the intensity by long pressing. The other button cycles through the hazard light patterns with each press.

Then bottom of the case has an adjustable stand, which also comes equipped with two fairy strong magnets. So far the stand has been very useful in positioning the light without having to hold it.

Construction is fairly sturdy for a plastic case. It does not have any waterproof rating.


So far I have been impressed with the convenience of using this light around the house. I have poked around in the back of kitchen cabinets chasing down leaks, in the overheads above the ceiling looking for wiring issues, and illuminating the inside of a gas oven while adjusting the nozzles. It is small enough to fit in places some other work lights won’t, yet still has very good brightness.

I have yet to try it with a Quick Charger, but since this is not mentioned in any of the documentation, I don’t think it will make any difference to the charging speed. I think this work light could really benefit from fast charging, and actually including a charger.

Overall I give it a thumbs up.

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