January, A Lean Month for Posts

Published on January 19, 2022 at 7:58 am by LEW

It is looking like January of 2022 is going to be a lean month for posts. Probably February also. But things should return to some state of normalcy in March. There are some major life changes going on that should have happened six months ago, but are happening now.


Basically I am moving, literally half way around the world. So some of my free time is being taken up with sorting, packing, and storing various household goods. The majority of my free time however is going into dealing with the bureaucracy of moving half way around the world. This is the main reason this move is happening now, instead of six months ago.

But what can you do? In the last few years there has been an explosive increase in the amount of paper work that this sort of move entails. Most of you, I am sure, are quite aware of the reasons for this. So I do not feel the need to dive into the issue at this time.

As this move ramps up, I will be writing a few posts on the experience. Unfortunately, since a lot of my equipment is going into storage, there is definitely going to be less of the techie stuff. Although this may be a good opportunity to write about living and traveling from a laptop, with no docking station.

On the plus side, I will have lots of techie stuff to write about after the move, as I will be setting up from scratch with completely different equipment. A few examples of this are; setting up a hybrid network using both coax (MOCA) and Ethernet, setting up and modifying a CCTV system, reestablishing a DDNS connection, setting up a new cloud server, setting up a new media server, and setting up and testing type 1 and 2 Hypervisors. So March, April, and maybe even May should be productive months.

There is also some work to do around the house. So there might be some non standard content mixed in. I have not done much in the way of home improvement since I sold the last house. Interestingly, with the new house, I will need to learn some new techniques to match the different construction style. More on that latter.

I want to thank those who visit this site, and send me feedback, always thrilled when I get feedback from viewers. And I wanted to to let you all know why there will be fewer posts over the next couple of months.

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