VirtualBox; About, Install, Usage

Published on February 12, 2023 at 2:51 pm by LEW

Okay, I have posted my first official video to YouTube, on getting, installing, and using VirtualBox.

My first introductory video was easy in comparison. And I found myself ignoring this site while I was working on it. But I have to say it was a real learning experience. I think I will be posting about the experience and lessons learned. Two YouTube videos do not make me an expert, but I will still be sharing my insights.

Interestingly I found most of the YouTube howto sites to not be of much help. Most YouTube help on the subject is more concerned with generating clicks rather than actually making the video.

I am still unsure if I will continue to do videos, as they take substantially more effort than written posts. But for the moment I will get back to a more regular posting schedule on this site.



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