Happy New Year 2023

Published on January 1, 2023 at 6:21 pm by LEW


Welcome to the new year, and the first post of the new year. This year I am starting a new project, as well as continuing with this site. I am not sure yet how things will interact, so please stay tuned in for any further details.

Video Production

This year, 2023, I am going to attempt to do some video production with some simple equipment. Said production will populate a YouTube channel I created recently.

I am not clear on how the interactions between that channel and this site will go. We shall see how this develops over this year.

You can review my first ever video post on YouTube, as well as my first ever. You can find it at the below link. It is fairly primitive as far as what people are doing today. And I do not see that changing much, as I am simply presenting information, and not trying to make it a job.


That is all I have for this early in the year. Things might be a little spotty over the next couple of weeks, as I am getting ready to move. Once I have setup new living arrangements things will settle down.

In the mean time I will probably be doing the occasional post on how the move is going.

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