Waiting and the Good Old Days

Published on September 14, 2021 at 8:44 am by LEW


I am taking a few minutes to type this during the long wait for some recall work to be done on the car. Normally I would be off doing something else. In this case our family has downsized to one car after retirement. So having my better half pick me up and go elsewhere is really not an option now.

At some point waiting is an inevitable part of life. How we deal with it will depend on how we prepare for it. In today’s world, waiting can actually be quite productive if you plan ahead.

Waiting Today

For example, today I am waiting for some work on my car to be finished. I have a nice light laptop on which I can type this and do other work, as well. The waiting room has free public wifi, but even of they did not, I have unlimited cellular data I can use.

Back in the good old days it was a different story. There was no such thing as cell phones, and a portable computer was the size of a suitcase. In those days, I would bring an actual printed book, some paper, and a few pencils.

When I talk to others in my generation, conversation usually turns to the good old days. I will admit that things seemed a lot simpler then, but I am not sure if that was just my perception though much younger eyes, or if things were really simpler. But while things seem more complicated today, the technology has made a lot of things simpler and more enjoyable.

Of course I know lots of people in my generation who are set in there ways and refuse to embrace the technology. I will admit that in some areas I am also stuck in my ways, but technology was never one of those things.


Once I finish this, I have several other items to work on, thanks to the technology that allows me to do them. So be set in your ways, but embrace what makes your life easier and more enjoyably, especially during those inevitable waits.

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